The world is fake..

Each and every day I have been putting on a fake face mask. A mask having a fake smile, fake expressions and fake happiness. A mask that I have to put o  to be “accepted” by society, by people. Acting to be perfect, acting as society wants, as people want. Trying to fit into the “guidelines” laid out by them. But in this process I turned into something that I hate. That I absolutely hate.

The world isfull of fake people with their fake smile, fake attitude, fake life and fake soul. We tend to loose ourselves in trying to make ourselves perfect. This thought has killed me inside. I’m not me anymore. I used to be strong and happy and independent and confident. But now I have become a differebt person altogether. I’m desperately searching for the old me. The person who was an intovert but not underconfident. Who was straightforward but not arrogant. And I find that person, I find her when I dance until my feet hurt, read until my eyes burn and think until I fall asleep. That person is still alive. Weak but alive. There is still a chance that I can be me again. I can be free again. I will keep fighting. This is not a fight between life or death. But it is a fight between fairness and reality. Only time will tell who wins. Only my strength  and willpower  will determine  whether I will continue to fit in and be unhappy or or be an outcast  and live a life of pure bliss and enjoyment. The process is complicated, the path is difficult but the rewards, the rewards make it totally worth the pains.

Besides it’s the journey that matters. It’s the journey that Mae’s the destination more exciting and worthwhile. Many people may come and support us and we should appreciate them but at the same time we should not forget that they can only help us prepare for the fight but they cannot fight our battles instead of us….


The festival of joy is here. Everyone is very excited and pumped. Diwali is all about sharing and experiencing joy. Light is the carrier of joy and so we celebrate Diwali with millions of lights that symbolize happiness. And to maximize happiness let’s do something different this year.  Let’s celebrate Diwali like our forefathers used to.

This year, let’s not burst crackers. Let’s respect our elders and children from the bottom of hearts. Let’s share happiness with everyone around us, even with our enemies! And Let’s really mean it when we say ‘Happy Diwali‘. You see, by not bursting crackers, we are stopping air and noise pollution. By respecting those around us, we are purifying our minds. And by sharing happiness with others, we are purifying our souls.

All festivals are celebrated so that we may make our minds and our souls, free from all the negative aspects of the society. They allow us to see the positive side of everything and make our conscience powerful. So, by celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali, we are not only saving the nature but we are also saving ourselves.

Let’s take the initiative of celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali and create a better future for us as well as our future generations. After all “Great things have small beginnings”!