The festival of joy is here. Everyone is very excited and pumped. Diwali is all about sharing and experiencing joy. Light is the carrier of joy and so we celebrate Diwali with millions of lights that symbolize happiness. And to maximize happiness let’s do something different this year.  Let’s celebrate Diwali like our forefathers used to.

This year, let’s not burst crackers. Let’s respect our elders and children from the bottom of hearts. Let’s share happiness with everyone around us, even with our enemies! And Let’s really mean it when we say ‘Happy Diwali‘. You see, by not bursting crackers, we are stopping air and noise pollution. By respecting those around us, we are purifying our minds. And by sharing happiness with others, we are purifying our souls.

All festivals are celebrated so that we may make our minds and our souls, free from all the negative aspects of the society. They allow us to see the positive side of everything and make our conscience powerful. So, by celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali, we are not only saving the nature but we are also saving ourselves.

Let’s take the initiative of celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali and create a better future for us as well as our future generations. After all “Great things have small beginnings”!


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